Worship Is About Acceptance

I come from a church tradition where it’s only “required” that you have communion in worship once a quarter.  The church we worship at now celebrates it every week. Except last week. Our pastors were at a national meeting and we had a guest preacher.  Before worship even started, my wife leaned over to me […]

Taking A Deep Breath

One of my sincere desires in my life is to be centered. Even. Not too high. Not too low. It’s like taking a deep breath. For about the last year I find this mostly by being quiet, breathing, contemplatively reading Scripture, the Sacred Space prayer book, and journaling. I also spend a lot of time […]

8:23 Sunday Morning

I went to church Sunday morning.  We literally live about a minute’s drive from the church we go to, so we got in the car at 9:23, drove to church, sat down and the service lasted for about an hour.  I’ve mentioned before that I really like the church we go to, and I love […]