Not Better Than An iPhone

Have you ever thought: “I’ve already screwed up, I might as well just give up for the day”? I often do this when I give in to a temptation I’m trying to work on or I eat a bad breakfast or have dessert at lunch or have a cigarette or whatever else I might be […]

Oh Well

We’ve been living in chaos.  Our life hasn’t been torn up – it was our house.  And it’s amazing what some home remodeling will do to knock me me off-kilter. The place where I sit to do my spiritual workout in the morning was no longer available.  So I barely meditated/prayed. There was plastic up […]

The Glimmer

It’s with you when you wake Loser.  Not who you want to be Not what you want to do Ignore forget unable Hide.  Cover yourself Don’t be seen Run far away Distance.  No.   Run toward.  Believe there is a place Believe it doesn’t define you Turn.  Listen to the voice of shame It must […]

We Make Too Much of Sin

I think we make too much of sin.  At the risk of sounding heretical, let me clearly state that I believe sin is real and unrepentant sin can block our intimate relationship with our Creator.  I don’t think that grace is cheap and that we shouldn’t continually be working toward living a holier life, but […]

Comparing Worthiness

I’m not very handy. This has never been highlighted more than now – moving from a 5 year old house we had built to a house over 100 years old. So far there hasn’t been a ton if fixing I need to do, but it’s coming. Our garage needs some rotten boards replaced, the back […]

Trying to Heal the Burning

I just got back from a camping trip to Pentwater, Michigan. It was wonderfully relaxing, but these thoughts have been bouncing in my brain all week… My wife and I like an eclectic range of music and we don’t really listen to the radio. We’d rather choose our own music than have a station choose […]

Waking Up To Pain

I use an app called SleepCycle to monitor my sleep. It measures your movement throughout the night and runs it through some magic formula to give you a percentage of sleep quality. I’ve gotten 100% a handful of times in two years – not very often. This week I woke up Monday morning and Tuesday […]

Failure Turned to Shame Turned to Anger

After swimming in the cloudy pool and tiptoeing around garbage on the floor of the walkway to the pool, we went back to our room. The tv wouldn’t turn on by the remote, so I called the front desk and asked for a new one and while I was talking the hotel phone died. I […]