The Journey of Self

I have often defined myself as the “black sheep.” Black sheep of the family, of my group of friends, of school. That was just another way to hide. I have often hid behind intelligence. If I am smarter than you then I feel good about myself. When things get tough emotionally, I try to make […]

Wanting To Be Seen

“Heeeeyyyy, they got good pizza next door!” I was caught off guard by the older gentleman walking out of the McDonald’s across from Willis (Sears) Tower in downtown Chicago. I am sure he was saying his pizza line to pause us in our tracks and be able to talk to us in hopes of getting […]


I want a place. A place to be. I’m impatient. I grieve that 90 miles disappeared in the rear view. I’m frustrated. What I want isn’t easy and the work a mountain. I’m inconvenienced. There are no aisles to peruse or flyers to flip through. I’m pressured. Do this, it’s the way, act. I’m scared. […]

Failure Turned to Shame Turned to Anger

After swimming in the cloudy pool and tiptoeing around garbage on the floor of the walkway to the pool, we went back to our room. The tv wouldn’t turn on by the remote, so I called the front desk and asked for a new one and while I was talking the hotel phone died. I […]


“But what if I don’t pass?” That’s the question my son was asking me before his yellow belt test in karate yesterday morning. What if I don’t… What if I can’t… What if I fail? Those questions must form sometime around a year old. When we are learning to walk it’s okay if we fail. […]