Christmas and Tracking Sin

I keep track all year long. Success or failure. Complete or miss. I’m a habit tracker and I use an app on my phone to track whether or not I ate too much, drank too much, stayed within our budget, did my spiritual workout, smoked, exercised, and even if I blogged once a week (not […]


I don’t like to say hard things to people. I’m not a big fan of confrontation. When I was a pastor in a church and someone came to me for counseling, I felt like I was able to speak into their lives and I said things that were hard for them to hear. In the […]

The Wrong Questions

I’ve had a lot of meetings this week in the church/denominational world and the most common question I hear pastors and churches ask is: How can we get people to come to the church? If ever there was a wrong question, that is it. Not only do I think that’s the wrong question in 2014, […]