The Glimmer

It’s with you when you wake Loser.  Not who you want to be Not what you want to do Ignore forget unable Hide.  Cover yourself Don’t be seen Run far away Distance.  No.   Run toward.  Believe there is a place Believe it doesn’t define you Turn.  Listen to the voice of shame It must […]

A Sunday Morning Poem

A song plays, youngest child sings along small and sweet. Together we dance without care. Coffee, steaming boldness in favorite cup. Witty banter with smiling eyes and connected hearts. Jeans. A sweater in the cold. A short story in the hands turning in the mind and feeding the soul. My dog, nudging my hand to […]

A Poem on Becoming

Inspired by my friend Nate Pyle’s most recent post at A Deeper Story I decided to write a poem… Becoming I am weeds hiding and choking, But I am also wheat. I have darkness lurking beneath the surface, But I also beam with light. I am intertwined with temptation, But I am also free to […]