He Held My Hand

My oldest son is 12. All of my boys are daily growing up before my eyes are no longer little mush-mouthed toddlers who want nothing more than to be held in their daddy’s arms not caring what anyone else thinks.  But last night, that maturing-almost-a-teenager held my hand and it was wonderful.  I had to […]

I’m Starting to Not Hate Christmas

“I hate Christmas.” I actually said those words to my wife privately a few years ago. I don’t hate Christmas quite as much this year, but I think that’s because I don’t make as much of Christmas. (Not being a pastor in charge of creating everyone’s perfect Christmas Eve experience hasn’t hurt either.) This morning […]

Oh No You Didn’t!

I’ve got plenty of issues, but one that seems to be rising to the top lately is this need to control my sons. Do what I say! My youngest son got really frustrated with me when I asked him to spell the challenge (extra credit) words for his spelling test last week. And by frustrated […]

7 Things I’ve Learned As A Father

This morning my kids had a lot of time to kill before school because they get up way too early so I found some of the videos I made of their early years and since it is my youngest’s birthday we watched the montage of his first year.  As I watched that video I saw […]

What I Can Control

My oldest son starts sixth grade this coming week. Junior high…er…middle school. He doesn’t seem too anxious about it and actually has said he’s excited to start school. I hear him say that and inside I’m thinking: really?!? We moved here less than four months ago and our kids finished the last month of school […]

We Make Too Much of Sin

I think we make too much of sin.  At the risk of sounding heretical, let me clearly state that I believe sin is real and unrepentant sin can block our intimate relationship with our Creator.  I don’t think that grace is cheap and that we shouldn’t continually be working toward living a holier life, but […]

Trying to Heal the Burning

I just got back from a camping trip to Pentwater, Michigan. It was wonderfully relaxing, but these thoughts have been bouncing in my brain all week… My wife and I like an eclectic range of music and we don’t really listen to the radio. We’d rather choose our own music than have a station choose […]

It’s Science!

Last night my middle son started to absolutely flip out and wouldn’t go upstairs to take a shower because he was scared to be alone. Apparently, they had seen a preview to a scary movie on TV and he was afraid whatever little evil thing was in the movie was going to get him. At […]

A Learning Father’s Day

I learned to ride a bike with my older sister. I can still remember taking those training wheels off and having her run alongside me and then looking back and seeing her standing 10 feet back and realizing I was riding my bike by myself. It was a great moment for me – a confidence-builder. […]

Church Settling

We’ve tried a couple churches since we moved and I’m starting to feel like we’re going to have to settle. I have such high hopes, such giant expectations that I don’t think any church is going to meet them. I really thought we would find the place where we really fit theologically, worship-style-wise, community-wise, and […]