What I Can Control

My oldest son starts sixth grade this coming week. Junior high…er…middle school. He doesn’t seem too anxious about it and actually has said he’s excited to start school. I hear him say that and inside I’m thinking: really?!? We moved here less than four months ago and our kids finished the last month of school […]

Comparing Worthiness

I’m not very handy. This has never been highlighted more than now – moving from a 5 year old house we had built to a house over 100 years old. So far there hasn’t been a ton if fixing I need to do, but it’s coming. Our garage needs some rotten boards replaced, the back […]

An Up and Down Day

Today kinda sucked. Duct cleaners were here to suck the dust out of our vents but there was a problem with our air conditioner so they had to pack up and reschedule until that was fixed. Today was kinda good. Called HVAC company and they were here within the hour and two helpful guys fixed […]

Long Sleeves On A 94-degree Day

Do you ever tell yourself stories about yourself? Here’s one that seems to be on repeat in my head lately: They’re not like you. You’re kind of weird. They aren’t going to like you. You’re alone. I wore a long sleeve shirt to a meeting when it was 94 degrees outside last week because I […]

Failure Turned to Shame Turned to Anger

After swimming in the cloudy pool and tiptoeing around garbage on the floor of the walkway to the pool, we went back to our room. The tv wouldn’t turn on by the remote, so I called the front desk and asked for a new one and while I was talking the hotel phone died. I […]