Ever the Judge

I saw him out of the corner of my eye.  Who the heck is that?  What is he doing? Tall, thin, wearing a red hoody and baggy pants, he was walking on lawns across the street from my house.  He didn’t use the sidewalks or driveways.  His gray, early 2000’s rusted Ford Taurus was parked up on […]

He Held My Hand

My oldest son is 12. All of my boys are daily growing up before my eyes are no longer little mush-mouthed toddlers who want nothing more than to be held in their daddy’s arms not caring what anyone else thinks.  But last night, that maturing-almost-a-teenager held my hand and it was wonderful.  I had to […]

God Owes Me A Quarter

We do most of our grocery shopping at Aldi.  When shopping at Aldi, make sure you have a quarter handy as you get your cart because without that quarter pushed firmly in the red slot on the handle, the cart remains chained to it’s brother cart in front of it. Because I’m a nice guy and it […]

It Isn’t Fair

I was reminded this week that God isn’t fair.  My 8 year old learned about Joseph and what a raw deal he got from his brothers. It was unfair that Joseph got the special coat and it was unfair that they tried to kill him. When he was older and in charge of all of […]

The Glimmer

It’s with you when you wake Loser.  Not who you want to be Not what you want to do Ignore forget unable Hide.  Cover yourself Don’t be seen Run far away Distance.  No.   Run toward.  Believe there is a place Believe it doesn’t define you Turn.  Listen to the voice of shame It must […]

Practicing the Better

Here’s a wondering for me: By loving someone (and by loving them I mean an active, intentional kind of love with someone – not romantic love), does my love for them somehow condone any of their behavior that one might classify as sinful? Let me say it another way: can I love the person in […]


My deficiencies as a Mr. Fixit have been well documented. So it’s a wonder why, when it comes to my wife, I’ve always tried to fix every dilemma or hardship she’s ever come to me with. I’ve never been a very good listener and most of the time I dismissed what she was telling me […]