Practicing the Better

Here’s a wondering for me: By loving someone (and by loving them I mean an active, intentional kind of love with someone – not romantic love), does my love for them somehow condone any of their behavior that one might classify as sinful? Let me say it another way: can I love the person in […]

Long Sleeves On A 94-degree Day

Do you ever tell yourself stories about yourself? Here’s one that seems to be on repeat in my head lately: They’re not like you. You’re kind of weird. They aren’t going to like you. You’re alone. I wore a long sleeve shirt to a meeting when it was 94 degrees outside last week because I […]

A Room Full of Judgment

The #1 defining attribute of Christians is that they are judgmental. I know I am often judgmental. But more than ever, I’ve also felt judged. I was a pastor for 14 years and I left my church of 10 years a few months ago. Recently, I started to process that experience (especially the last few […]