God Owes Me A Quarter

We do most of our grocery shopping at Aldi.  When shopping at Aldi, make sure you have a quarter handy as you get your cart because without that quarter pushed firmly in the red slot on the handle, the cart remains chained to it’s brother cart in front of it. Because I’m a nice guy and it […]

I’m Starting to Not Hate Christmas

“I hate Christmas.” I actually said those words to my wife privately a few years ago. I don’t hate Christmas quite as much this year, but I think that’s because I don’t make as much of Christmas. (Not being a pastor in charge of creating everyone’s perfect Christmas Eve experience hasn’t hurt either.) This morning […]

Readiness and Morality

I think I’m coming to believe that following Jesus isn’t about living a moral life. Not that I think you can be completely immoral and follow Jesus (maybe!), but I think morality is more of a byproduct than a goal. And after spending more and more time with people who don’t follow Jesus, I’m starting […]

The Wrong Questions

I’ve had a lot of meetings this week in the church/denominational world and the most common question I hear pastors and churches ask is: How can we get people to come to the church? If ever there was a wrong question, that is it. Not only do I think that’s the wrong question in 2014, […]

Well, Actually…

Well, actually… That’s a phrase said often around my house.  Someone makes a statement and another person (with a slight air of superiority) correctingly says, “Well, actually…”  Translation: you may think so, but you’re wrong and let me tell you that you’re wrong and why you’re wrong and how you’re wrong and all the different […]

Painting in the Language Medium

This video – Shoot Christians Say – has been making the rounds (or maybe I’m late to the party). I crack up when I watch it because in the insulated church community it sounds normal, but how must this sound to anyone not in that community? I stopped by today after work to talk to […]


I read the report this morning about the capture of the second marathon bomber. I read yet another article on why marriage equality is a Christian concern. I have personally had a significantly rough, and draining week. And as I sit here on a clear, blue sky Saturday morning, I realize my heart is changing. […]