Oh Well

We’ve been living in chaos.  Our life hasn’t been torn up – it was our house.  And it’s amazing what some home remodeling will do to knock me me off-kilter. The place where I sit to do my spiritual workout in the morning was no longer available.  So I barely meditated/prayed. There was plastic up […]

The Haunting

Ghost Hunters is coming to Valparaiso. Who knew Valpo was the place to hunt ghosts?  I’ve never seen the show and I’m not a big believer in ghosts, but I am very familiar with hauntings.  I’m 40 years old and still haunted by images I saw when I was in elementary school. Crazy Joe Drake […]

It Isn’t Fair

I was reminded this week that God isn’t fair.  My 8 year old learned about Joseph and what a raw deal he got from his brothers. It was unfair that Joseph got the special coat and it was unfair that they tried to kill him. When he was older and in charge of all of […]

The Glimmer

It’s with you when you wake Loser.  Not who you want to be Not what you want to do Ignore forget unable Hide.  Cover yourself Don’t be seen Run far away Distance.  No.   Run toward.  Believe there is a place Believe it doesn’t define you Turn.  Listen to the voice of shame It must […]


I believe we can learn from other people of faith.  Earlier this week I was reminded of that and decided to try an experiment.  I’m calling it my Namaste Experiment. Namaste, roughly translated, means: the spirt/god within me bows to the spirit/god within you.  I’ve been familiar with the concept for a while, as a buddhist […]

Oh No You Didn’t!

I’ve got plenty of issues, but one that seems to be rising to the top lately is this need to control my sons. Do what I say! My youngest son got really frustrated with me when I asked him to spell the challenge (extra credit) words for his spelling test last week. And by frustrated […]

Grace Abounds

Grace isn’t cheap. I believe that. But where I’ve most often heard that is in the context of trying to guilt young people into trying harder to not sin. As in: “Sure, you can just ask for forgiveness after you have some Boones Farm Strawberry Hill but remember that grace isn’t cheap…it cost Jesus his […]

Wanting To Be Seen

“Heeeeyyyy, they got good pizza next door!” I was caught off guard by the older gentleman walking out of the McDonald’s across from Willis (Sears) Tower in downtown Chicago. I am sure he was saying his pizza line to pause us in our tracks and be able to talk to us in hopes of getting […]

No Loser

We live in a Win/Lose, Right/Wrong, Better Than, Superiority-focused culture. So it’s no surprise that at a meeting yesterday of about 150 people I heard these words: “The Lord won today.” Huh? He said it after an exhausting discussion session complete with parliamentary maneuvers regarding taking a statement on a very controversial issue. Obviously it was […]