My Shortest Post Ever

This will be my shortest post ever. Watching Nick Walenda about to walk across a tightrope in downtown Chicago. Joel Osteen is there and they are talking about how God helps him do these things. Wrong.

8:23 Sunday Morning

I went to church Sunday morning.  We literally live about a minute’s drive from the church we go to, so we got in the car at 9:23, drove to church, sat down and the service lasted for about an hour.  I’ve mentioned before that I really like the church we go to, and I love […]

The Morning After

We’ve had a really busy 4 day stretch making the whole family run-down and tired. Whenever that happens, my youngest son turns into the creature from the sarcastic lagoon. And he’s only 7, so sarcasm from him is actually usually pretty funny! Usually… This winter he’s also really been pressing the boundaries of authority. Mix […]

Well, Actually…

Well, actually… That’s a phrase said often around my house.  Someone makes a statement and another person (with a slight air of superiority) correctingly says, “Well, actually…”  Translation: you may think so, but you’re wrong and let me tell you that you’re wrong and why you’re wrong and how you’re wrong and all the different […]

Why So Serious?

Our six year-old is taking tennis lessons this summer.  Six year-old.  Bouncing ball.  Tennis racket.  Can you see how this is going to play out? At one of the lessons recently (his second), he didn’t seem to be doing as well as he could (to me – after all, I took a tennis class in […]