What I Can Control

My oldest son starts sixth grade this coming week. Junior high…er…middle school. He doesn’t seem too anxious about it and actually has said he’s excited to start school. I hear him say that and inside I’m thinking: really?!? We moved here less than four months ago and our kids finished the last month of school […]

It’s Science!

Last night my middle son started to absolutely flip out and wouldn’t go upstairs to take a shower because he was scared to be alone. Apparently, they had seen a preview to a scary movie on TV and he was afraid whatever little evil thing was in the movie was going to get him. At […]

Waking Up To Pain

I use an app called SleepCycle to monitor my sleep. It measures your movement throughout the night and runs it through some magic formula to give you a percentage of sleep quality. I’ve gotten 100% a handful of times in two years – not very often. This week I woke up Monday morning and Tuesday […]