Fishing and Pope Francis

The sandy beaches of Lake Michigan turned into the deep blue of Lake Superior and then into the rocky hills and the great pine forests of Ontario, Canada. As we descended the hills of the highway even my kids’ attention shifted from Plants vs. Zombies to their breath being taken away by the amen of rarely […]

Aunt Millie’s and Cranberry Juice

This morning was one of my proudest moments as a parent: my youngest runs to the kitchen, gets a glass of cranberry juice (in a People’s Brewing Company pint glass) and breaks up a piece of Aunt Millie’s whole grain wheat bread because it wouldn’t be church without communion. This morning we stayed home from […]

8:23 Sunday Morning

I went to church Sunday morning.  We literally live about a minute’s drive from the church we go to, so we got in the car at 9:23, drove to church, sat down and the service lasted for about an hour.  I’ve mentioned before that I really like the church we go to, and I love […]