Picking and Choosing

I’m not sure where I’m at with this right now, but it’s something that has been itching me for a while… One of my first sermons had this line: we pick and choose which truths we use… Besides a novice preacher thinking he found a nice little turn of a phrase, I was talking about […]

Church Shopping

We’re going church shopping. I hate to even write that, because the idea that people would “shop” for church like they shop for the best price on a new pair of shoes has always rubbed me the wrong way. But having moved to a new city where we don’t know anyone, it seems to be […]

Well, Actually…

Well, actually… That’s a phrase said often around my house. ┬áSomeone makes a statement and another person (with a slight air of superiority) correctingly says, “Well, actually…” ┬áTranslation: you may think so, but you’re wrong and let me tell you that you’re wrong and why you’re wrong and how you’re wrong and all the different […]


“But what if I don’t pass?” That’s the question my son was asking me before his yellow belt test in karate yesterday morning. What if I don’t… What if I can’t… What if I fail? Those questions must form sometime around a year old. When we are learning to walk it’s okay if we fail. […]