Is It the Beer or Is It the Community?

So I’m wondering, just wondering, why people (including myself) get more creative, courageous, and authentic with a beer? I know I do. And I experience it in others quite often. I hear people begin to speak with clarity. I witness imagination breaking free. I begin to really know people. I begin to be even more […]


I want a place. A place to be. I’m impatient. I grieve that 90 miles disappeared in the rear view. I’m frustrated. What I want isn’t easy and the work a mountain. I’m inconvenienced. There are no aisles to peruse or flyers to flip through. I’m pressured. Do this, it’s the way, act. I’m scared. […]

Church Settling

We’ve tried a couple churches since we moved and I’m starting to feel like we’re going to have to settle. I have such high hopes, such giant expectations that I don’t think any church is going to meet them. I really thought we would find the place where we really fit theologically, worship-style-wise, community-wise, and […]

Skipping Church

Last Sunday morning I breathed in the fresh air and smelled the daffodils and the other wildflowers boldly standing among the greenery firmly grasping its place in the new season.  The Wildcat Creek moved swiftly by carrying the spring rains downstream along with the sticks my young sons were tossing to the current.  I looked to […]

Some Thoughts on Community

I want to be a part of a community that is more than an institution, more than a country club, more than what we’ve come to accept as “church”. I want to learn about how to have a full and meaningful from a community that seeks to live into God’s design.  Not just a moral […]