Worship Is About Acceptance

I come from a church tradition where it’s only “required” that you have communion in worship once a quarter. ┬áThe church we worship at now celebrates it every week. Except last week. Our pastors were at a national meeting and we had a guest preacher. ┬áBefore worship even started, my wife leaned over to me […]

The Haunting

Ghost Hunters is coming to Valparaiso. Who knew Valpo was the place to hunt ghosts?  I’ve never seen the show and I’m not a big believer in ghosts, but I am very familiar with hauntings.  I’m 40 years old and still haunted by images I saw when I was in elementary school. Crazy Joe Drake […]

Communion Is So Much More

Yesterday I blogged just because I committed to blogging once a week and thought I needed to get it done. We have family here for the weekend and I didn’t think I’d be inspired sitting on a soft chair in the early gray of the morning while my nieces and sons watched tv. But I […]