Aunt Millie’s and Cranberry Juice

This morning was one of my proudest moments as a parent: my youngest runs to the kitchen, gets a glass of cranberry juice (in a People’s Brewing Company pint glass) and breaks up a piece of Aunt Millie’s whole grain wheat bread because it wouldn’t be church without communion. This morning we stayed home from […]

The Problem Is Not Your Pastor

In my job I get to spend a lot of time with pastors from the Midwest. For the next few days I will be with a group of pastors in Wisconsin and I’m pretty inspired. I’ve blogged before about the judgmental nature of the church against myself as a pastor and as I work with […]

Church Settling

We’ve tried a couple churches since we moved and I’m starting to feel like we’re going to have to settle. I have such high hopes, such giant expectations that I don’t think any church is going to meet them. I really thought we would find the place where we really fit theologically, worship-style-wise, community-wise, and […]

Church Shopping

We’re going church shopping. I hate to even write that, because the idea that people would “shop” for church like they shop for the best price on a new pair of shoes has always rubbed me the wrong way. But having moved to a new city where we don’t know anyone, it seems to be […]

Trying Jesus and Playing Cards

There’s a church a block from our new house that has one of those movable-type signs out front. I’ve lived there a week and didn’t pay any attention to what the sign said until yesterday morning on my way to the airport. Then I saw it: Try Jesus. If you don’t like him, the devil […]

Skipping Church

Last Sunday morning I breathed in the fresh air and smelled the daffodils and the other wildflowers boldly standing among the greenery firmly grasping its place in the new season.  The Wildcat Creek moved swiftly by carrying the spring rains downstream along with the sticks my young sons were tossing to the current.  I looked to […]

The Wrong Questions

I’ve had a lot of meetings this week in the church/denominational world and the most common question I hear pastors and churches ask is: How can we get people to come to the church? If ever there was a wrong question, that is it. Not only do I think that’s the wrong question in 2014, […]

A Room Full of Judgment

The #1 defining attribute of Christians is that they are judgmental. I know I am often judgmental. But more than ever, I’ve also felt judged. I was a pastor for 14 years and I left my church of 10 years a few months ago. Recently, I started to process that experience (especially the last few […]

Behold, I am Doing A New Thing

I believe God is doing a new thing. And it isn’t just me, all across the world new things are springing forth. I was blessed to ride home from a Peter Rollins event a few nights ago with 4 people who expressed such beauty in their authenticity and rawness and just being real. I loved […]