Is It the Beer or Is It the Community?

So I’m wondering, just wondering, why people (including myself) get more creative, courageous, and authentic with a beer? I know I do. And I experience it in others quite often. I hear people begin to speak with clarity. I witness imagination breaking free. I begin to really know people. I begin to be even more […]

Some Thoughts on Community

I want to be a part of a community that is more than an institution, more than a country club, more than what we’ve come to accept as “church”. I want to learn about how to have a full and meaningful from a community that seeks to live into God’s design. ┬áNot just a moral […]


I read the report this morning about the capture of the second marathon bomber. I read yet another article on why marriage equality is a Christian concern. I have personally had a significantly rough, and draining week. And as I sit here on a clear, blue sky Saturday morning, I realize my heart is changing. […]