Have you ever experienced this? You have an opinion about something – a belief – but when you voice that belief you are met with arguing, attacking, and judgment. So, after a while, you learn. You keep your beliefs to yourself, you learn to deftly change the subject, you avoid certain topics in conversations. During […]


I don’t like to say hard things to people. I’m not a big fan of confrontation. When I was a pastor in a church and someone came to me for counseling, I felt like I was able to speak into their lives and I said things that were hard for them to hear. In the […]

What I Can Control

My oldest son starts sixth grade this coming week. Junior high…er…middle school. He doesn’t seem too anxious about it and actually has said he’s excited to start school. I hear him say that and inside I’m thinking: really?!? We moved here less than four months ago and our kids finished the last month of school […]