The Cafeteria

I mentor a second grader during his lunch period once a week.  For some reason other kids actually beg him for a chance to sit with me every week (I must be really cool to a bunch of 8 year olds).  So today, a day with dark clouds both literally and metaphorically, I sat down […]

Truth Is…

Have you ever been at that place where you know you need to do something different but you don’t know what that “something different” is?  A friend of mine tells a story that she once complained to a professor about not knowing what to do and he said, “Just do something. Stand on a chair […]

A Default of Selfishness

I have a default of selfishness. Here’s an example: S: I am going to do [blank]. Me: What? Why would you do that? You should do it this way. S: But I’ve already decided to do it this way. And then I’ll say that I don’t understand and I won’t listen and I’ll persuade. All […]

A Mess

I had been avoiding him; distancing. I felt judged by him…inferior. And the reality of it is that he hadn’t said a single word to make me think these things.  I heard his voice clearly – but I was speaking for him. We’ve both been working on the same project in our respective ministries and […]

Set Free

Yesterday I discovered a mistake I had made with our checkbook.  Our account was overdrawn and we had been charged a $35 overdraft fee. Here’s what my inner monologue sounded like: “What the?  How is this possible?  You’re kidding me!  I can’t believe I did that!  What an idiot!  You should just ask Steph to […]