The storm is fading.  The sky is beginning to clear.

Everyone mispronounces my last name.  It’s spelled Schuitema, but pronounced Skytahma.  I’ve been through some storms in my life and it’s getting clearer all the time by the grace of God and some hard work.  So the Schui and the Sky and the clear are my attempt at creativity.  Cool huh?    

I used to be a pastor of a church, but now I work for our denomination.  I’m not a shirt and tie guy.  I only shave a couple times a week.  I like stuff and people who are on the fringe.  I’ve got tattoos.  I brew my own beer.  I’ve run a couple marathons. I’m a huge fan of dystopian fiction – especially The Walking Dead.  

I’ve got boys – three of them.  I’m getting a little nervous because they are catching up to me in all sorts of ways: height, knowledge, video game skills.  And they’re passing me in others: love and acceptance just to name a few.

I’ve got a great wife.  She’s better than I deserve, really.  She calls out the best from me and inspires me in spiritual and emotional maturity and the way she listens to God.  She’s funnier than I am, but I can still beat her in Scrabble.

This blog is me trying on vulnerability.  It’s me exploring my thoughts.  It’s a search for connection with people who might think and believe the same as I do.  It’s also maybe a place where I can learn from others.  I had a therapist tell me once that writers write and that if I wanted to be a writer I needed to write. So I’m writing and you’re reading.

Thanks for reading.

Study Week