Colin Kaepernick and the Anthem

I have some confessions to make: Sometimes I don’t close my eyes when I pray. Sometimes I don’t sing along with everyone in church. Sometimes I don’t sing when the National Anthem is played. Sometimes when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited, I don’t say it, my lips are sealed. So when Colin Kaepernick, much maligned quarterback […]

How Does This Stop?

Last night I made the mistake of watching the cellphone video of Alton Sterling getting murdered by the Baton Rouge police.  I wish I hadn’t, because it made me sick to my stomach, but I think it’s something all of us need to see. Especially white people.   As a culture we’re desensitized.  As a […]

Someone’s #1 Mom

Corpse-like, her body hung over the armrest of the seat in the waiting area. Two-toned orange and black hair lay across multiple tattoos. Asleep? Drunk? Sick? I didn’t know, I really didn’t care. It was time to board my flight home. It was a great week teaching and coaching and working with people I love […]

Not Better Than An iPhone

Have you ever thought: “I’ve already screwed up, I might as well just give up for the day”? I often do this when I give in to a temptation I’m trying to work on or I eat a bad breakfast or have dessert at lunch or have a cigarette or whatever else I might be […]

You Need Someone In Your Corner

You need someone in your corner. I ask people I coach and teach: “Who in your life has a stake in your spiritual development?” If your answer is your pastor, then that’s not enough.  If your answer is your spouse, I also don’t think that’s enough.  In my experience, you won’t get to where you […]

Ever the Judge

I saw him out of the corner of my eye.  Who the heck is that?  What is he doing? Tall, thin, wearing a red hoody and baggy pants, he was walking on lawns across the street from my house.  He didn’t use the sidewalks or driveways.  His gray, early 2000’s rusted Ford Taurus was parked up on […]

Lent Sucks – And Here’s Why That’s Okay

I had a friend my freshman year of college whose catchphrase was “I gave it up for Lent” even though he didn’t give up anything for Lent, wasn’t religious, and said this at all times of the year. “Rodger do you want to order a pizza?” “No, I gave it up for Lent.” “Rodg, you want […]

Oh Well

We’ve been living in chaos.  Our life hasn’t been torn up – it was our house.  And it’s amazing what some home remodeling will do to knock me me off-kilter. The place where I sit to do my spiritual workout in the morning was no longer available.  So I barely meditated/prayed. There was plastic up […]

Christmas and Tracking Sin

I keep track all year long. Success or failure. Complete or miss. I’m a habit tracker and I use an app on my phone to track whether or not I ate too much, drank too much, stayed within our budget, did my spiritual workout, smoked, exercised, and even if I blogged once a week (not […]